Before you can break down how many of each size to purchase, you need to determine the total number of t-shirts you need to order. Answer these questions to decide the number of t-shirts to order: 

  • How many people will be attending your event?
  • Who is guaranteed to need a shirt? 
  • Do you need to order a few extra t-shirts for latecomers?

If you are ordering t-shirts to resell in a store or marketplace, consider your current customer group. What sizes typically sell out of the products you currently carry?

If you’ve sold a large number of shirts, or have ordered shirts in bulk before for your group, we suggest looking at past data. If you used Bonfire for your shirts, you can view these stats in your dashboard.

This graph shows the average breakdown of shirt sizes ordered over the course of all Bonfire campaigns. Keep in mind, while these stats are a great starting point, we encourage you to evaluate the specific needs and makeup of your community.

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