Having a Store on Bonfire increases buyer engagement and boosts overall profit. In addition, they are highly customizable and easy to set up. So, opening a Store and learning to effectively use it is a no brainer for all sellers on Bonfire!

In the vast majority of cases, it’s best to use your Store to create an on-demand shopping experience for your buyers. To do this, simply make sure that Smart Launch is turned on for any Campaigns in your Store with the print minimums removed.

This setup allows you to take in new orders indefinitely and guarantees that buyers will receive what they ordered—regardless of how many products are sold and without any action needed on your part. 

However, you do not need this setup to see the benefits of having a Store. Regardless of your unique needs, having a permanent landing page will also help:

  • Simplify promotion by providing you one consistent URL to which you can link buyers
  • Collect all of your latest custom apparel offerings in one place
  • Reflect your unique look or brand

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Before getting started, learn useful tips & tricks when designing your Store.

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