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Words used to describe our high-quality products

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With so many amazing products to choose from, these definitions help you choose the best option for your needs.

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How the garment is expected to conform to the body.

  • Slim : Snug fit throughout the entire garment; hugs the body shape.

  • Semi-Fitted : Shaped to the body, but does not hug the body.

  • Standard : More traditional cut that fits looser around the body.

  • Flowy : Drapes away from the body; breezy fit; looser, slightly oversized.

  • Relaxed : Looser than standard fit; slightly oversized, but not baggy; wider cut; longer sleeves; extra length you can tuck or leave untucked for a casual look.

  • Slouchy : More oversized than relaxed fit; generous cut; roomy silhouette.


The tactile sensation of the product.

  • Soft : Typically made from 100% cotton; or a fabric with a high cotton content; familiar, comfortable feel; heavier to the touch than our super soft options.

  • Super Soft : Typically made from combed, ring-spun fabrics, or a blend of fabrics; buttery feel; our softest category of tees; a more lightweight feel than our soft options.

  • Silky : Typically made from 100% polyester; smooth texture with a slight sheen; soft with silk-like properties.


The physicality of the product.

  • Lightweight : Fabric feels thin and light to the touch - premium feel; more breathable than heavier fabrics; higher quality fabrics; drapier fits; typically our softest items.

  • Mid-weight : The best of both worlds, in between heavyweight and lightweight; more substantial in feel than our lightweight, but is not dense like heavyweight; great for layering.

  • Heavyweight : Our densest fabrics; substantial; fabrics feel thick and a little heavy to the touch; most durable.

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