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Embroidery Guidelines for Hats
Embroidery Guidelines for Hats

Guidelines and Best Practices for Creating Hats

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We offer several unique hat styles to choose from to offer on your campaign. You can learn more specifics about the styles of hats in our Product Catalog.

All styles of hats offered at Bonfire are embroidered. Embroidery is an intricate process, and certain guidelines should be followed to ensure the best result. Most of the time, taking the same design that can be printed on a tee and making it embroidery will NOT work. Photographic images aren't embroidable.

Embroidery looks best with large, solid designs with thick lines and fonts.

Embroidery Quick Tips

  • Less is more

  • Stick to solid colors and shapes

  • Avoid details and intricate designs

  • Stitches must be 2mm or larger

  • The color limit is 6 colors - complicated color palettes and full-color designs cannot be executed

  • Make your design pop by embroidering dark designs on bright garments and vice versa

  • Graphic effects such as gradients, shading, distressed textures, transparencies, glows and blur cannot be executed through embroidery


Embroidery is a labor-intensive process that requires extra time to execute. Printed items are typically done within 5 business days, and embroidered items may take 7-10 business days

Guidelines for all Embroidery

Use Large Text

  • Text should be .25in or higher

  • Capitals work best

  • Solid font

  • Drop shadow/outlines cannot be used on any text that is less than .5in

Solid shapes

  • Shapes should be larger than .05in

Use Thick lines

  • Line weight must be a min of 3pt

Limit negative space

  • To avoid pinched and scrunched fabric, fill negative space with a solid color like black or white

  • If negative space must be part of the design, it can’t be under .2in

Embroidery Specs for Hats

We embroider on the front of hats.

Snapback Hats, Classic Baseball Hats, and Trucker Hats

  • Max size: 4in(w) X 2.25in (h)


  • Max size: 4in(w) X 2in (h)

Bucket Hats

  • Max size: 2.5in (w) x 2.5in (h)

Got a question? Need help? Feel free to reach out directly with additional questions via our linked contact page. We’re happy to help!

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