For a Campaign, your minimum number of sales needed to print is the quantity at which your base cost is lower than your selling price. Simply put: it’s the point when your products can be printed at a profit.

The minimum sales needed to print for a Campaign’s first batch is usually a small number, often as low as five. This number appears in the profit estimator, just after you create your design.

However, you can remove your print minimum after your first successful batch.  This means that your design will go to print even if you only sell 1 product.   For more detailed information on removing your print minimum, check out this article.

All product styles and colors will contribute to the overall minimum sales needed to print.  For example, if your Campaign sells both women’s slouchy tanks and premium unisex tees, the collective number sold will contribute to reaching your minimum sales.

What happens if my Campaign doesn’t reach the sales minimum needed to print?

  1. Your Campaign simply ends, because your shirts can’t be printed at a profit.
  2. Your buyers won’t be charged and products won’t be printed and shipped.
  3. You can then go back and make changes to your Campaign and relaunch whenever you’re ready to try again.

If your minimum sales needed to print is too high, there are several things you can do to lower it. Try reducing the number of colors in your design or leaving one side of your product blank. Raising your selling price will also help.

For Supply by Bonfire,
since you are purchasing a select number of shirts outright, the minimum number of shirts you need to order to be able to print is just one shirt.

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