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Base cost, donation fees, and shipping information for campaigns and Supply orders.

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Selling through Bonfire campaigns is 100% free. All of the profits go directly to you.

Here’s a breakdown of how much and where the rest of the money goes:

Base cost – Each product’s base cost comprises its manufacturing, sourcing, and printing expenses. To decrease your base costs, simplify your design.

Pricing – You get to decide how to price your products. While we typically recommend keeping the default prices, you know your community best and should price your products accordingly.

Profits – The difference between your prices and base costs is your profit margin. Your profit margins increase at higher quantities. Before launching a campaign you are able to estimate your profit, in the design tool:

Donation fee – If you enable additional contributions on your campaign, your buyers are able to show extra support for what you do. Note that there is an 8% processing fee which covers credit card transaction fees and other administrative expenses.

Shipping – Bonfire offers both domestic and international shipping for campaign orders. Learn more about Shipping Rates.


If you have questions, reach out to our customer support team. We’d be happy to help.

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