Selling through Bonfire Campaigns is 100% free. All of the profits go directly to you. Here’s a breakdown of how much and where the rest of the money goes:

Base cost – Each product’s base cost comprises its manufacturing, sourcing, and printing expenses. To decrease your base costs, simplify your design.

Pricing – You get to decide how to price your products. While we typically recommend keeping the default prices, you know your community best and should price your products accordingly.

Profits — The difference between your prices and base costs is your profit margin. Your profit margins increase at higher quantities. Before launching a Campaign you are able to estimate your profit, in the design tool:

Donation fee – If you enable additional contributions on your Campaign, your buyers are able to show extra support for what you do. Note that there is an 8% processing fee goes to cover credit card transaction fees and other administrative expenses.

Shipping – Bonfire offers both domestic and international shipping for Campaign orders. 

  • Domestic shipping starts at $3.99 for the first product and each additional product from the same Campaign adds $2.50.
  • International shipping starts at $9.99 for the first product and goes up by $4.00 for each additional product from the same Campaign. 
  • For larger orders of 4 or more products from the same Campaign, costs stay flat at $11.49 domestic and $21.99 international.

For U.S. Supply orders of 5+ items, shipping is free! We currently do not ship Supply orders internationally.

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