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Product Base Costs & Profit Margins
Product Base Costs & Profit Margins

Base cost for Supply orders and products sold in Campaigns is influenced by multiple factors.

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As you sell more during a Campaign, your product’s base cost goes down because it is cheaper to manufacture at higher quantities. Bonfire passes these savings on to you in the form of higher profit margins. This model also applies to Supply orders: the larger your order, the lower the product’s base cost. 

The three other factors that affect base cost are:

  1. Product Style – Each product style has a different cost to manufacture and source. For example: A tee shirt costs less than a long-sleeve shirt which costs less than a hoodie.

  2. Number of ink colors – Each color added to your design will raise your base cost. We recommend using 1-3 colors to keep costs down, although you can add up to 8.

  3. Printing on both sides – For apparel, you have the option to print a design on one or both sides of a shirt. Placing your artwork on only one side of the shirt will keep your base cost low.

To see a simple base cost estimate for premium unisex tees, use our Base Cost Calculator. If you want a more detailed breakdown, the base cost is estimated in the "Profits" step of our Design Tool. Simply draft your Campaign or Supply order, select your products, and add your design. 

Note: To ensure all Campaign orders will be printed, prices cannot be set below our minimum selling price. The minimum selling price will vary based on the above factors.

If you have any additional questions, reach out on our contact page. Our Customer Support team will be happy to help. 

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