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Invite a Friend program

Earn up to $100 for each new account that joins Bonfire's community of sellers.

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After you launch a campaign, we encourage you to invite friends, family and third party organizations to join Bonfire’s community of sellers! For each new account you can earn up to $100. For every product they sell in a campaign, they get an extra $1 and you get $1.

How the invite program works

  1. Share your invite link with social networks, forums, personal blogs, email — you name it!

  2. When someone follows your invite link and launches a campaign, you’ll both earn $1 per product sold (up to $100).*

  3. Your available rewards will automatically link to your PayPal account with requested payouts.

Note: There are currently no Invite benefits for custom orders.

Monitor your efforts with referral stats

After an invited friend creates an account and campaign, keep track of progress on the Invites section of your dashboard. See when a sign up occurs, how many campaigns are launched, and total sales for qualifying rewards.

Add a dash of color to your invite with the banner creative kit

We’ve bundled the latest creative banners for you to download in this zip file. You’ll download a set of image files (300×250, 720×90 and 120×600) that will fit nicely with your share message alongside your invite link.

Download the creative kit by clicking on above image

Ready to invite friends to Bonfire? Get your invite link now.

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