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Understand Your Account Dashboard
Understand Your Account Dashboard

Your account dashboard makes it easy to manage Campaigns, Stores, orders and account details all in one place.

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Your account dashboard makes it easy to manage Campaigns, Stores, orders and account details all in one place. Navigate to different views in your Dashboard by clicking an option on the sidebar menu.


Quickly view multiple widgets with details about your Campaigns, including recent sales and available payouts. Also, you can check the progress of your Supply and Campaign orders, and capitalize on the benefits of inviting other users to Bonfire.

Campaigns and Payouts

These two sidebar options will show you everything you need to know about the status of your Campaigns or how to receive your profits. Click the “Campaign” tab to see a complete list of your Campaigns, plus Campaign statistics and statuses. Select an individual Campaign to relaunch or change your settings.

Otherwise, click “Create New Campaign” to create and launch a new Campaign. Go here for more information about selling on Bonfire.

The “Payouts” view is where you can request Campaign profits to be sent to your PayPal account. Read this article for more details on how payouts work.


Select the "Store" option to set up, customize and manage your Store. For some useful tips & tricks to make your Store look good, check out Design Your Store.


Select the “Invites” option to take advantage of Bonfire’s invite a friend program.

My Orders

This view shows you up-to-date information about the status of your Campaign and Supply orders. Also, you can click the big green button to start a new Supply order.

Giving Campaigns Dashboard for Verified Nonprofit Organizations

Verified Nonprofit Organizations are able to view Campaigns fundraising on your behalf through the “Giving Campaigns” section of your dashboard.


Select the “Organization” option to connect your account to an organization (typically a nonprofit). If you’re already connected to an organization, this tab holds all of your Organization Perks.

Account and Help

Update your profile, password and email settings by selecting “Account.” To access Bonfire’s help center or to send a message to our customer support team, click the “Help” option.

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