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Integration Data Forwarding
Integration Data Forwarding

Manage how data is forwarded from Bonfire to your connected integrations

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If you’ve connected Bonfire with a fundraising platform such as Classy, TeamRaiser, Neon Fundraise or DonorDrive, you can choose to automatically have your supporter information forwarded onto your integrated platform.

You can also choose to forward the data automatically onto third-party software such as Salesforce (if you have it configured in your fundraising platform.

To access these options, open the integration settings by clicking the cog button next to your connected integration.

Data sync

Data sync is a setting that is turned on by default. It means that Bonfire will automatically send your supporter information onto your integrated fundraising platform.

Some organizations may want to control this manually, by importing the information themselves. If you’d like to do this, simply turn this setting off and click Save settings.

If you turn this setting OFF, we’ll no longer send any future data to your integrated fundraising platform. You’ll need to generate your own supporter list reports and then import the data yourself.

If you turn this setting back ON, we’ll start sending the data automatically again.

Note: We do not send previous data from when this was turned OFF. So you’ll need to make sure you import this manually if you haven’t done so already.

Note: This setting is unavailable for the DonorDrive integration as it does not support automatic data sync. If you’re integrated with DonorDrive, you must manually import your supporter data.

Data forwarding

If you’ve configured your integrated fundraising platform to forward data onto third-party software such as Salesforce, you can enable this setting to include the data from Bonfire.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Here are some common questions and solutions for any issues you may have with forwarding data to your integrated fundraising platform.

I turned data sync OFF by mistake, can you send the data that was collected whilst this was OFF?

Unfortunately, the supporter data collected whilst data sync was turned OFF cannot be sent automatically. You can get this data by visiting your Reports page in the dashboard and generating a campaign report for the date range you’re missing.

My organization doesn’t have any events to choose from

If we don’t show you any events to choose from once you’ve selected the nonprofit, it means they either haven’t got any events created on Bonfire, or they haven’t integrated and connected their event from the third-party platform.

If you work for a nonprofit organization, check out our list of available integrations and learn more about how to connect your event with Bonfire.

I can’t find my team or individual to attribute my funds to

If you’ve just created your team or signed up as an individual on the third-party platform, it can take up to 15 minutes for it to appear on Bonfire. You should also make sure you’ve selected the correct event on Bonfire, and if you’re using the search, make sure everything is spelled correctly.

The nonprofit that I’ve selected requires me to also select an event

Some nonprofits need sellers to also select an event as this helps them manage the proceeds raised in a centralized location. If you’re not sure what event to choose, try contacting the nonprofit directly to ask which would be most appropriate for your campaign.

The event that I’ve selected requires me to select a team and/or an individual

In some cases, when you connect your campaign to an event, you will be required to select a team or individual. This will either be because the nonprofit wants all proceeds to be attributed, or the integration used by the nonprofit requires attribution.

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