Picking products, adding text or graphics and uploading custom artwork are the 4 main ways to customize your products when designing on Bonfire.  These customization options are presented in Bonfire’s design tool as tabs and include the following capabilities:

  1. Pick products - Upon selection, you will have the ability to add a maximum of 6 products for your design to be printed on. In addition, clicking the rainbow-encircled plus button (shown below) will reveal alternate color choices.
  1. Add text - Changing your font and text color, rotating, duplicating and reordering multiple text elements are functionalities that are currently supported. However, feel free to experiment with text elements to create an unexpected or impactful design, and drop us your feedback here about new design tool capabilities you’d like to see. 
  2. Find graphics - First, choose a default graphic or decide on a key term related to your design and use the search bar to see the results. Aside from the ability to flip graphics vertically or horizontally, the options to customize are similar to what’s possible with text: change color, rotate 360 degrees, duplicate or reorder multiple images.
  3. Upload art - Use this tab if you’d like to upload custom artwork directly from your device. Bonfire’s design tool supports both raster and vector images -- including AI, PDF, EPS, JPG and PNG.  Make sure to upload an image with less than 8 colors, no gradients and the highest resolution possible. Check out the uploaded artwork and preferred file types help center article for more information.

Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page should you have additional questions. We’re always happy to help.

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