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Learn about picking products, adding text or graphics, and uploading custom artwork.

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There are 4 ways to customize your products when designing on Bonfire, which are represented by tabs in the Design Tool. 

1. Pick products - Upon selection, you will have the ability to add a maximum of 9 products to your Campaign for your design to be printed on. In addition, clicking the 4 colored dots (shown below) will reveal alternate color choices. 

Note that Campaigns and Supply orders can only contain products from a single group. See Understand Product Groups for more information.

2. Add text - Once you add text, you can change your font, font variation in either bold or italic, and text color to create unique text orientation and layout.

3. Add graphics - First choose a graphic or find the perfect one with the search bar. In addition to the ability to flip graphics vertically or horizontally, the options to customize graphics are similar to those of customizing text. TIP: Select multiple graphics for a layered design.

4. Upload art - Upload custom artwork directly from your device. Bonfire’s design tool supports both raster and vector images -- including AI, PDF, EPS, JPG and PNG.  Make sure your art has 8 colors or fewer, no gradients, and is the highest resolution possible. Check out Uploaded Artwork & Preferred File Types for more information.

*Note that if our design tool is trying to change your image, you have likely uploaded an image that is over our 8 color limit. When this happens, we're making it ready for print.

We encourage you to check out 10 Creative Ways to Use Our Design Tool Like a Pro and How to Design a T-Shirt in our blog for some helpful tips and tricks. Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page should you have additional questions. We’re always happy to help! 

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