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Customize Your Store
Customize Your Store

Edit header, display your logo, and add content to your store page

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Once you create a store and add campaigns to it, it's time to customize your store page. Bonfire makes it easy to customize your store to make it look beautiful and match your brand.

Edit your store header

Your store header is the first thing that your customers see when they land on your store page.

While editing your store, click the Edit header button to open the header settings.

Header layout

There are two layout options for your header; Cover full width and Keep aspect ratio.

Cover full width

Cover full width will make the header span the full width of the page. When using this layout option, it’s important to know that any image you upload may be cropped. On wider screens, the top and bottom of your image will be cropped. On smaller screens (such as on mobile), the sides will be cropped.

Therefore, this option is best with abstract backgrounds such as patterns, or images where the key focal point is center.

We recommend the size of 2400x900 or similar for this option.

Keep aspect ratio

Keep aspect ratio is a better option if your image contains text, or groups of people.

When using this layout, the full banner will always be visible, and will shrink on smaller screens. Keep this in mind if you’re adding text to the background image, as it may be hard to read on smaller screens.

With Keep aspect ratio selected, your store title and subtitle will appear under the banner instead of inside of it. You will also have the option to hide them, like in the example above.

For this option, 2688px by 600px is recommended.

Background image

Uploading a background image for your store header is optional. If you don’t upload an image, you can choose to use a solid background color instead (see Color theme below).

If you upload a background image, you can change the opacity to allow some of the solid background color to show through. This is useful if you need to darken or lighten the background to help make the store title easier to read.

Color theme

The color theme controls the background color of the header, as well as any text on top of it (such as your store title).

There are two preset themes, Light and Dark, as well as the option to create your own Custom theme.

Note: The background color will only be visible if there is no background image, or if the photo opacity is less than 100.

Store title

There are currently three display settings for the store title in the header; Text, Image, and Off.

Text will display the title of your store on top of your banner. This title can be changed in your store settings. When choosing this option, you can toggle whether or not to show your subtitle. Your subtitle can also be changed in your store settings.

Image is only available when your header is set to Cover full width, and allows you to upload a custom image – great for logos, or if you want to use a custom font for your store title. For best results, save as a transparent PNG.

Off will show nothing on top of your header. This is useful when your header background image already has text on it, or if you want your header to be just decoration.

Sidebar & description

Customize the store sidebar

In the sidebar of your store, you can upload a custom logo, add a bio or short description, and add links such as your website or social media profiles.

Describe your store in detail & add visuals

The detailed description section is located at the end of your store page. Add text, photos & videos to bring your store to life. Just like on campaign pages, you can add flexible content blocks, and reorder them to your liking.

Edit campaign display

Check out the article on how to manage campaigns inside your store, including changing the layout of how products are shown.

Want to change your store URL, or unpublish the page? You can do in the store settings.

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