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Create and edit a shared store for your nonprofit organization

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An organization store provides a shared space for all your team members to add official merchandise to. For the most part, they work the same as regular stores on Bonfire. There are a few differences, which we’ll outline in this article.

Who can create & edit an organization store?

Currently, an organization store is only available to verified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.

Any user that has verified their nonprofit status with your organization will be able to edit your organization store, including the ability to add or remove campaigns.

Campaigns created by anyone in the organization can be added to the store. The store page will feature a verified nonprofit badge, as well as your organization’s name and logo.

Getting started with organization stores

If your organization doesn’t have a store yet, you can open one from your dashboard.

Visit OrganizationStore in your dashboard and, if you haven’t opened a store yet, you’ll see the following screen.

Click the Create my organization store button to begin. The process from here is the same as creating a regular store.

Note: If you haven’t done so already, you must verify your nonprofit status to open an organization store.

Joining an organization

When you join a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, your personal store (if you have one) will now appear under OrganizationStore.

If an organization store already exists, your store will be unpublished automatically, and added to a list of all stores.

If an organization store doesn’t exist, your store will be automatically set as the Primary organization store. You can learn more about what a primary store is below.

Primary organization store

Organizations with at least one store will have a primary store set.

When a store is set as the primary store, it means anyone in the organization can edit it. This includes adding or removing campaigns, updating the header, and any other store settings.

Primary stores will be the store we use to show official merchandise on your organization profile page.

On campaign pages we show a “More from this seller” link. If the campaign is added to multiple published stores (including the current primary organization store), we will link to the primary store here.

If your organization has other stores (created by your team members before they joined your organization), you will see them under the "All stores" section. These stores can only be edited by their original creator, unless set as the primary store.

You can change the primary store by clicking the Set as primary store button in your dashboard.

Primary stores will remain with the organization, even if the user is removed.

Caution: if you replace a primary store that was originally created by a user no longer connected to your organization, it will be returned to the user as a personal store, and you will no longer be able to manage it.

Changing your organization store logo

For organization stores, Bonfire will automatically show your organization logo. If you haven’t uploaded a logo yet, we’ll show a placeholder image.

To upload a new logo, or change your current logo, visit your organization overview page in the dashboard and choose a file to upload.


What happens to the store when I leave the organization?

If you created a store before joining an organization, or if you created your organization's first store, when you leave the organization the store you created will now appear under My Store. However, if your store is set as the organization’s primary store, it will remain with the organization. In this scenario, you may create another store if you wish.

If the organization unsets your store as their primary store, then it will re-appear in your dashboard, unless you’ve created a new store.

Can my organization have more than one store?

There is currently no way to create additional official organization stores.

Note: Previously, a user could have a personal store AND an organization store. If you previously had both stores, they’ll both appear in the new layout, but only one can be set as your organization’s primary store.

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