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Manage Campaigns in Your Store
Manage Campaigns in Your Store

Add, reorder, and customize the store campaign layout

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As you design and launch new campaigns, you’ll want to add them to your store, and maybe remove some of your older campaigns.

Your store can have a maximum of 50 campaigns, and you can add any campaign to your store so long as it isn’t a draft – active or inactive. While we recommend turning Smart Launch on for any campaigns in your store, it isn’t required. Print on Demand might be a good option for campaigns in your store as well.

We recommend having only a few campaigns in the store at the same time, so that your supporters don't get overwhelmed.

Adding campaigns to your store

There are two places from where you can add a new campaign to your store.

First, when launching a new campaign, you’ll see the option to also add the campaign to your store. This option is only available if you’ve created your store already, and it is currently published.

You can add campaigns directly from the store itself while editing it. If you have campaigns available to add, you’ll see a "Add campaigns" button.

Note: If you’ve added all the available campaigns, or haven’t created a campaign yet, you won’t have the option to add more campaigns.

When you click the + button to add new campaigns, you’ll then be able to select and add campaigns to your store.

Note: This modal will look slightly different if you’re adding campaigns to an organization store. You’ll also be able to add campaigns from other team members connected to your organization.

Removing campaigns from your store

While editing your store, hover over the campaign you’d like to remove, and click the remove (×) button.

Note: On mobile, the remove button is always visible.

If you accidentally remove the wrong campaign, you can easily re-add it using the previous steps.

Campaign layout in your store

Stores have 2 layout options. When creating your store, you’ll be prompted to pick a layout, but you can easily change this at any time by selecting the “Edit layout” button found at the top of the page, just under the page banner.

Expanded layout

The expanded setting is great for when you only have a few campaigns in your store. It will show all the available products for each campaign, filling up that empty space.

Compact layout

If your store has a lot of campaigns, it’s best to choose the compact layout setting. It will show just the featured product for each campaign, allowing your customers to view more campaigns in a smaller space.

Changing the featured image for campaigns

With compact layout, each campaign in your store will display a thumbnail of the featured image.

With expanded layout, each campaign will display a thumbnail for each product style. A featured image can be set for each style as well.

To change a campaign’s featured image in a store, you’ll need to edit the campaign itself.

Reordering campaigns in your store

Once you’ve added two or more campaigns to your store, you can reorder them to your liking.

Hover over a campaign, and use the Reorder option.

Take it to the next level

Now you’ve got your campaigns added, learn more about customizing your store, including updating the header, adding your own logo, and more.

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