Group Shipping gives you complete control over order distribution by allowing you to ship all orders from your Campaign to a single location. Once enabled, buyers will only be asked to input their billing information when checking out. They will not be given the option to input their own shipping address.

Shipping Information

For privacy reasons, buyers will not be able to view your whole address. The pickup location will only display:

  • Name
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code

Note that you can also add a personalized message for your supporters with instructions on where to pick up their orders.

Opting Out

At this time, buyers are unable to opt out of Group Shipping if it is enabled on a Campaign. However, if you choose the "Let your buyers choose" shipping option when setting up your Campaign, your supporters can choose to opt in or out of Group Shipping. 

Shipping Costs

As with a standard Campaign, all shipping costs are paid by your buyers when they checkout and are not deducted from your profits. 

Because it is cheaper to ship all orders together, Group Shipping dramatically reduces shipping costs. Here’s a comparison: 

Enabling Group Shipping

Start here if you’d like to have Group Shipping enabled. (Note that Group Shipping is only available for US-based Campaigns and orders.)

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