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Ship campaign orders to one address for distribution

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Group Shipping gives you complete control over distribution by allowing you to ship all orders from your campaign to a single location.

Shipping Costs

As with a standard campaign, all shipping costs are paid by your buyers when they checkout and are not deducted from your profits.

However, because orders are shipped together, Group Shipping has lower shipping rates for buyers. Below is a table comparing shipping costs per item from a campaign:

Order Size

Standard Shipping

Group Shipping

1 Shirt



2 Shirts



3 Shirts



4 Shirts



5+ Shirts



Shipping Information

Buyers can confirm the Group Shipping address in their order confirmation email.

The pickup location in the confirmation email will display:

  • Name

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • Note for pickup instructions

Order Delivery

All orders with Group Shipping will be packaged together and sent to one predetermined location.

When the batch ends, you will receive an email with your supporters’ order details. The details include first name, last initial, product style & color, size, and quantity.

Enabling Group Shipping

Enable Group Shipping during step three of your campaign setup.

Press the ‘More’ drop-down next to Shipping options, select ‘Group’ and enter the delivery address for distribution. Make sure to add a personalized message for your supporters with pickup instructions.

Once enabled, buyers will not be given the option to input their own shipping address and will only be asked to input their billing address at checkout. The note will be displayed to the buyer at checkout and their confirmation email.

Please remember that Group Shipping is only available for US-based campaigns and orders. If you have a campaign with international supporters, Standard or Buyer’s Choice is recommended.

Changing your Shipping for New Batches

When you’re ready to relaunch a campaign batch, you have the ability to change the shipping option.

After pressing ‘Relaunch’ in your campaign dashboard, there is a prompt verifying your campaign details. Press the ‘Edit’ drop-down menu to choose a different type of shipping option.

For any additional questions, reach out on our contact page. We're always happy to help.

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