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Ship direct to buyers and/or a single location for distribution

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Bonfire offers sellers three shipping options to choose from when setting up a campaign.


This default option will ship orders directly to your buyers - they will manage the shipping themselves and will be sent tracking information via email.

Buyers pay normal shipping rates separate from campaign profits, and packages can be shipped internationally.

Group Shipping

Group Shipping gives you complete control over order distribution. Orders are sent to one location at a lower cost to buyers.

Buyer’s Choice

Buyers decide whether or not to participate in Group Shipping. Buyers can opt to have their order delivered to the location specified by the campaign organizer to save on shipping, or they can enter their own shipping address at checkout, pay normal shipping rates, and be able to ship internationally.

Changing your shipping for new batches

When you’re ready to relaunch a campaign batch, you have the ability to change the shipping option.

After pressing ‘Relaunch’ in your campaign dashboard, there is a prompt verifying your campaign details. Press the ‘Edit’ drop-down menu to choose a different type of shipping option.

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