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Political Campaigns on Bonfire
Political Campaigns on Bonfire

Exclusive Features for Political Campaign Fundraisers

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Raising money for a political campaign can be difficult because of the Federal Election Commission’s many regulations. In order to fundraise for a political campaign on Bonfire, request to enable political Campaign features.

Our team of experts will respond to your request within roughly 2 business days to make sure you’re FEC-compliant.

What does this feature suite include?

1. Supporter Information

In order to complete their purchase, your supporters will be required to provide consent to share all contribution information required by the FEC. This includes:

  • First and Last name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Company and Occupation

  • Purchase/Donation Amount

2. US-only Support

Since political Campaigns cannot be supported outside of the US, buyers with international billing or shipping addresses will be prevented from checking out.

3. Contribution Limit

Finally, additional contributions will be limited to $100 per checkout and $2,800 total for each distinct political campaign seller in the transaction.

Additional questions

Check out the FEC website for additional questions about compliance. For questions about Bonfire, reach out on our Contact page. We’re happy to help.

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