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Connect a Campaign to an Event

Learn how to create a campaign that is connected to an event

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If you’re fundraising for a nonprofit organization on Bonfire, you may want to connect your campaign to an event that the nonprofit is currently organizing.

There are a couple of ways you can do this which we'll explain in this article.

Create a campaign via an event page

The easiest way to create a campaign for an event is to start from the event page itself on Bonfire (if the nonprofit has created one).

At the top of the page, you’ll see options for you to get started. Different events will have different options, such as creating your own, using a template, or requesting a custom design from Bonfire.

If you create your own or start from a template, the campaign will automatically be connected to the nonprofit and the event on Step 3. At this stage, you may also have the option to select a team or individual.

Create a campaign any other way

If you’ve created a campaign from any of the other “Get started” or “Start campaign” options on Bonfire, then you’ll need to search for and select both the nonprofit and the event you’d like to connect your campaign to.

Once you’ve selected the nonprofit, and they have events available for you to connect to, you can click “Select a beneficiary” to select your event.

This will open a modal where you can then search for and select your event.

After selecting the event, you may also be able to select a team or individual to attribute the funds to. If you don’t want to select a specific team or individual at this time, you can choose to let your buyers pick during checkout.

Next steps

With your campaign connected to a nonprofit and their event, you can continue setting it up as normal.

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You can review the event connection details of a campaign in your dashboard and on the campaign page itself.

In the dashboard, navigate to the campaign overview by selecting a campaign. In the giving campaign details section, you’ll see the fundraiser, connection, and supporting details.

  • The fundraiser is shown when the event connected has its own Bonfire event page.

  • The connection is shown when the event is integrated with a third-party platform.

  • The supporting section is shown when the campaign is connected to a specific team or individual.

On the campaign page, a banner will be shown at the top if it’s connected to a Bonfire event page, and there’ll be an expandable accordion that reveals details of the third-party integration if applicable.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Here are some common questions and solutions for any issues you may have when connecting a campaign to an event.

I can’t find my organization in step 3 when creating a new campaign

We’ll only show nonprofits that have either signed up to Bonfire and been verified or organizations that are found on Candid. Try double-checking the spelling of the organization name in your search, or use their EIN instead.

My organization doesn’t have any events to choose from

If we don’t show you any events to choose from once you’ve selected the nonprofit, it means they either haven’t got any events created on Bonfire, or they haven’t integrated and connected their event from the third-party platform.

If you work for a nonprofit organization, check out our list of available integrations and learn more about how to connect your event with Bonfire.

I can’t find my team or individual to attribute my funds to

If you’ve just created your team or signed up as an individual on the third-party platform, it can take up to 15 minutes for it to appear on Bonfire. You should also make sure you’ve selected the correct event on Bonfire, and if you’re using the search, make sure everything is spelled correctly.

The nonprofit that I’ve selected requires me to also select an event

Some nonprofits need sellers to also select an event as this helps them manage the proceeds raised in a centralized location. If you’re not sure what event to choose, try contacting the nonprofit directly to ask which would be most appropriate for your campaign.

The event that I’ve selected requires me to select a team and/or an individual

In some cases, when you connect your campaign to an event, you will be required to select a team or individual. This will either be because the nonprofit wants all proceeds to be attributed, or the integration used by the nonprofit requires attribution.

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