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Promoting Your Bonfire Campaign on Your Classy Page
Promoting Your Bonfire Campaign on Your Classy Page

Increase your Bonfire Campaign’s visibility by promoting it on Classy

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Now that your organization’s Bonfire Campaign is live, sharing it on your Classy page will help Classy visitors discover your merchandise in one seamless experience.

Step 1: Copy your Bonfire Campaign URL & download the image.

While logged into your Bonfire account, click "Share" on your campaign page to gain access to your URL and image:

Step 2: Add your Bonfire URL & product image to your fundraising or team page story.

And you're done! Visitors to your Classy fundraising page will now be able to discover your organization’s Bonfire merchandise, directly from Classy.

To learn more about Bonfire’s Classy integrations, check out Connect Your Organization’s Classy and Bonfire Accounts. Or, for more information about working with Bonfire as a Nonprofit, visit Nonprofit Campaigns on Bonfire.

Please reach out on our contact page with any further questions - our team is here to help.

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