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Ownership of artwork at Bonfire is very simple! 

If you own your artwork, and created it outside of Bonfire, it continues to belong to you even after you have used it in a Campaign. If our design team helped to create the design, or if you created the design in our Design Tool, it should be used exclusively on Bonfire.com. Other uses outside of our site will need to be approved by our team.

What if I bring artwork to Bonfire I got from a different source?

If you’re using the brand or logo belonging to an entity such as a University, you must have permission to use it. If you’ve purchased art online (from Etsy or 99Designs for example) you must have proof of ownership. 

If proof of ownership or permission is required, please provide us with any one of the following pieces of information:

  • Receipt of purchase

  • Letter of permission

  • Other proof that this content is available for commercial use

If there are any copyright or trademark issues with your artwork, we will reach out to alert you and will include any next steps.

If you have a question regarding the ownership of artwork used in a Campaign that has been launched on our site, reach out to us on our contact page. We’ll be more than happy to help. 

For more information on compliance, check out our Terms and Conditions and Content Guidelines.

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