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Content guidelines

Ensure that your campaign or custom order meets Bonfire's content guidelines.

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On Bonfire, your campaign or custom order is subject to review for adherence to our content policies. Before launching your campaign, or placing your order please ensure that it does not contain any of the following:

Trademark issues

Trademarks are symbols, words or colors that represent a company, organization or product. Trademarks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and afford their owners strong legal protections. Here are a few examples:

  • University names, logos and colors

  • Professional sports team names, logos and colors

  • Comic book superhero logos and names

  • Fraternity and sorority names

Bonfire cannot print artwork that resembles unlicensed apparel.

Use this form to report potential trademark violations.

Copyright issues

Copyright refers to the legal protections afforded to the creators and owners of intellectual property. Unlike trademarks, copyright does not need to be registered with a government body, and is automatically granted to artists, authors and creators. Here are some examples:

  • A cool design posted online by an artist

  • A character from a movie or TV show

  • Lyrics from a song

Bonfire cannot print artwork that contains clear copyright issues.

Use this form to report potential copyright violations.

Hateful content

For every 1,000 great products, we find that one or two that just don’t belong on Bonfire. Here are a few types of content that may be taken down:

  • Hate speech or symbols of hatred

  • Content that advocates violence

  • Content that bullies or harasses an individual or group

  • Content that is insensitive to a tragedy

Nudity and sexually explicit content:

Bonfire restricts content that includes nudity or is overtly sexual in nature. Nudity and sexually explicit content will be reviewed carefully in terms of its form and purpose. Content that is intended for educational or satirical purposes may be permitted depending on the design in question and the overall intent.

Fraudulent content

Bonfire does not tolerate campaigns that attempt to deceive buyers in any way. This is especially relevant for fundraising campaigns, where profits and donations benefit a specific cause or organization.

If false representations are made by a seller during a campaign, especially a fundraising campaign, the campaign may be taken down and Bonfire may alert the authorities.

Use this form to report potential instances of hateful, sexually explicit or fraudulent content. 

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