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How to showcase your Bonfire Campaign through YouTube’s Merch Shelf

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YouTube Merch Shelf allows your viewers to easily see and buy your Bonfire Merch straight from your YouTube channel.

Merch Shelf is a banner that showcases your available merch right underneath your YouTube videos. Your subscribers can click on these items to learn more, browse, and purchase your custom merch.

Before connecting your YouTube, ensure that your YouTube channel is eligible for the Merch Shelf by confirming that the following is true:

Your channel has not received any Hate Speech Community Guideline Strikes.

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Connect your YouTube account

Navigate to the “Integration” page in your Dashboard.

  • For creators, it’s under Creator Hub

  • For nonprofits, it’s under Organization

Click the “Connect” button next to YouTube.

Input your Channel ID

How to find your Channel ID

  • Log in to your YouTube account

  • Open your Settings - You can click on your profile picture to find this menu

  • Copy your Channel ID - Which is found in “Advanced settings”

Once you have added your channel to the integration and launched a campaign, it can take anywhere from 24 – 48 hours for YouTube to review your campaign’s products.

Note: You must have launched a campaign in order to see Bonfire as a merch provider on YouTube. You will need at least one sale in order to see that specific campaign.

Once your channel has been approved, you can make edits to your Merch Shelf from your YouTube Studio page.

After signing into Studio, click on Earn in the left menu.

Go to the Shopping tab and click on Connect Store.

Select Bonfire.

Read through and agree to the terms and conditions for connecting Bonfire and YouTube.

Click Confirm to verify your store.

Once you are connected, you will see a list of products from your Bonfire account.

YouTube has recommended that you select up to 30 products for display for a faster review process on those 30 items.

Manage your products

Toggle on Display products on channel to view your products on your channel.

  • If you’re changing the default selection for the first time, click Create Own Selection.

  • If you're changing a previous selection, click Customize.

  • If you’re changing a previous selection back to the default, click Back to Auto-Selection.

The available products will be listed in the left column. Any products with a checkmark and listed in the right column will be displayed on your channel.

Filter your products

Filter your products by typing keywords for your campaign name.

Clear and select your products

Click Clear in the right column to remove all previous product selections.

Drag and drop your products from the left column to the right to display these products on your channel. Click Save when you are done with your changes.

Re-order or remove your products

Drag and drop to organize your products. Click on the Trash icon to remove the product from displaying on your channel. Click Save when you are done with your changes.

Edit YouTube integration

To edit after connecting, select the gear icon on the right-hand side and click "edit settings".

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I followed the steps and set up the integration but I’m not seeing it on my YouTube page/in my store?

It can take anywhere from 24 - 48 hrs for the integration to be complete and for your products to appear.

Why don’t I see all of my Bonfire products and designs listed on the YouTube Studio page?

In order for your Bonfire products to become available you have to sell at least one item in your Bonfire Campaign. Once you have made a sale and Google approves your product(s), your campaign will become available to add. The review for compliance with Google Merchant Center and YouTube policies can take a few business days.

If you only have one campaign but multiple products within that campaign, only one of those products will be displayed.

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