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Integrate with Tiltify to sell your merch directly on your streams.

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With Bonfire's Tiltify integration, you can seamlessly connect your Bonfire and Tiltify campaigns. When your campaigns are linked, any purchases made on your Bonfire campaign will be automatically added to your Tiltify goal. You can also display a callout on your stream, displaying the design purchased, the name of the supporter, and the amount raised from it.

At the moment, this feature is only available to a few users. If you'd like to be part of the rollout and gain early access, please get in touch.

Getting started

To access the integration setup page, you must click the link that we have sent you as part of the early rollout process.

Once there, you'll be asked to enter your Client ID and Client Secret to connect your Tiltify account.

How to find your Tiltify Client ID and Client Secret:

To get your Client ID and Client Secret from Tiltify, you must first create a new application on Tiltify.

  1. Log into your Tiltify dashboard. Using the menu in the top right, navigate to Developers.

  2. Click Create Oauth Application. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to upgrade to a Tiltify Fundraiser account to see this.

  3. Name the application Bonfire and enter the following as a redirect URI:


    Save changes to finish creating your new application.

  4. Click to reveal your application keys. Copy your Client ID and then your Client Secret.

Connecting a Tiltify campaign with your Bonfire campaign

With your accounts now connected, you'll want to connect your campaigns.

Note: You can only connect a Bonfire draft campaign with a published Tiltify campaign.

Important: DO NOT publish your campaign before connecting it to Tiltify.

If you do accidentally publish your campaign before connecting it to Tiltify, we suggest duplicating the campaign and deleting the one you published.

If you have a draft campaign on Bonfire and a published campaign on Tiltify, you can seamlessly continue the setup flow. If not, you'll need to go ahead and create those first.

Let's connect your campaigns. Select the Tiltfy campaign you wish you connect. We'll only show your Tiltify campaigns that have been published.

Next, select the Bonfire campaign you wish to connect. Please note, you'll only be able to select draft campaigns for now. The campaign must also use products from the Shirts product group.

Important: Make sure your Bonfire campaign is fundraising for the same nonprofit as your Tiltify campaign, so the funds go to the right place when your campaign ends. You can adjust this before launching the campaign.

Now that both campaigns are selected, all that's left to do is click "Connect".

Important: Before clicking "Connect" make sure you've selected the correct campaigns. Once they are connected, there is no way to change them.

Your campaigns should now be connected.

The Tiltify integration page will show all your connected campaigns. You can also connect more campaigns from this screen.

Note: Currently, you cannot disconnect campaigns.

Reviewing & launching your Bonfire campaign

With your campaigns connected, you need to review the pricing of your Bonfire campaign and prepare for launch.

When you connect a campaign to Tiltify, it requires a minimum guaranteed proceeds amount. You'll notice that when you edit your campaign, step 2 of the campaign funnel will look a little different.

Note: You'll no longer have the option to choose between Batches or Print on Demand, as these campaigns are required to be batches by default.

The first step on this screen is to decide if you want to set a minimum number of sales.

By selecting a higher number of minimum sales, your base cost will be lower and you can set a lower price (alternatively, you can make higher proceeds).

If you set a lower number of minimum sales or none at all, your base cost will be higher and so your price will need to be higher to reach the minimum proceeds amount.

Important: If you don't reach the minimum number of sales, orders will not be processed. Make sure you select a realistic minimum.

Pre-launch checklist

Before you launch, here are some things to double-check:

  1. Make sure your design is exactly how you want it, with no spelling mistakes if you're using text in it.

  2. Make sure you've selected a realistic minimum number of sales. If you don't reach your minimum number of sales, orders will not be processed.

  3. Make sure your campaign is connected to the correct nonprofit organization. This will likely be the same nonprofit that you're fundraising for on your Tiltify stream.

  4. Make sure your campaign's batch ends after your stream. Once your campaign ends, you will not be able to re-launch it.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Here are some common questions and solutions for any issues you may have when using the Tiltify integration on Bonfire.

I can't see the Tiltify integration listed

For now, the Tiltify integration is only available to certain users via a direct link. You will not see it listed with other integrations.

I can't find my Client ID or Client Secret

Please refer to the steps found earlier in this article. Your Client ID and Client Secret are found on Tiltify's website.

I can't see the Tiltify campaign that I want to connect

Make sure that the Tiltify campaign is published on Tiltify's website.

I can't see the Bonfire campaign that I want to connect

Only draft campaigns can be connected, and the campaign must be using products from the Shirts product group.

What happens if I set a minimum number of sales but don't sell that many items?

If your campaign ends and it hasn't met the minimum number of sales that you selected, then all the orders placed will be refunded and the items will not be printed or shipped.

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