Smart Launch is a feature that allows your Campaign to be automatically relaunched after you’ve had a successful first Campaign batch. With Smart Launch, you never have to manually relaunch your Campaign and a new batch is always taking orders. It even allows you to remove print minimums entirely.

If enabled, this feature automatically reopens your Campaign after the first batch ends successfully. Then, as soon as the first customer order is attempted, Smart Launch will start a new batch within the same Campaign. The new batch will have the same length, pricing, and other details you previously selected. 

By default, Smart Launch is enabled and will not affect processing times for previous batches. 

Enable or Disable Smart Launch

On Existing Campaigns

To turn Smart Launch on or off on an existing Campaign, head to your Account Dashboard, select ‘Campaigns’, choose the Campaign you wish to edit, and then select ‘Settings’. 

On New Campaigns

To disable Smart Launch on a new Campaign, simply toggle it off before launching. 

Changes to Smart Launch settings can be made in your Account Dashboard. However, these changes will not be applied until your next batch launches via Smart Launch. 

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