Print on Demand allows you to have orders from your Campaign(s) printed and shipped 8-14 business days after an order is placed. In comparison, Batch Campaigns gather orders over a chosen period of time (between 2-21 days), then print and ship them all at once.

Some orders may be affected by COVID-19 shortages and delays. View our latest updates.

How do I create a Print on Demand Campaign?

In the second step of the Design Tool, choose to either print “In batches” or “On demand.” Hover over the question mark icon for a quick reminder of the differences between printing in batches and printing on demand.

Can I change my Campaign type after it’s launched?

To change the Campaign type, navigate to the Campaign section of your Dashboard, select the Campaign you would like to modify, and click “Edit” from the menu.

From there, choose to either print “In batches” or “On demand.”Keep in mind if the campaign you’re changing has an open batch, the change to your campaign will not take effect until the next batch.

Profit differences

Keep in mind that the more products sold in a single batch, the more profit per product you make. As you sell more during a Campaign, your product’s base cost goes down as it is cheaper to manufacture at higher quantities. Bonfire passes these savings on to you in the form of higher profit margins.

With Print on Demand, the base cost of a product is reset to the maximum each day. A longer batch could help bring more orders and more profit.

For more detailed information on our base cost and profit breakdown, check out Product Base Costs & Profit Margins.

If you have any questions or need help along the way, our Customer Success Team is eager to help. Send us a message on our contact page!

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