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Sell in batches to maximize your profits

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Setting your campaign to sell in batches allows you to maximize profits, since all orders will be printed & shipped together.

A campaign batch can run anywhere between 2 and 21 days. As you sell products in each batch, the base cost goes down, resulting in increased profits for you. It's different from Print on Demand, which allows you to ship orders faster, but at a lower profit.

After each batch ends, Bonfire prints & ships products directly to your buyers. With Smart Launch on by default, your campaign will remain active, allowing you sell continuously.

How do I set my campaign to sell in batches?

You will see an option of the second step of campaign setup, allowing you to choose between batches and Print on Demand. By default, the batch option is selected.

If editing an existing campaign, you can also change your selling mode from the second step of edit campaign flow.

Next, you'll want to estimate how many products you might be able to sell. Don't worry, this is not a requirement. With a few exceptions, there are no print minimums required for any products. This means that as long as you a sell at least 1 item, it will go to print!

Estimating your sales allows you to accurately predict your earnings, since the base cost will go down the more you sell in each batch. Learn more about base costs & profit margins.

After that, set a selling price for each product, and continue setting up your campaign. By default, each product will have our recommended selling price.

How do I set my batch length?

During campaign setup, navigate to the Settings step. Scroll to the "Set first batch length" section and adjust the batch duration.

By default, Smart Launch will be enabled, which will allow you to sell continuously even after your first batch ends.

How do I create a limited edition batch?

It's easy to create a limited edition campaign. To do that, simply launch (or schedule a launch) your campaign in batch mode. After your campaign is live, edit your campaign, and turn Smart Launch off. Follow this article for step-by-step breakdown on how to do so.

This will result in orders being accepted only while the first batch is running. After that batch ends, your campaign page will still be visible, but buyers will not be able to check out again, until you manually relaunch the campaign, or turn Smart Launch back on.

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