Once you sign up with Bonfire, you’ll be prompted to connect to an organization.

To verify the connection to the organization, please be prepared to provide one or more of the following:

  • IRS paperwork with your organization's EIN showing nonprofit status (Determination or Affirmation Letters are perfect!)
  • Form 990
  • Organization EIN found on Charity Navigator
  • Proof that you are employed by the organization in a management/executive position. If your organization is entirely volunteer based, to be approved, the volunteer applying must have an official title. For a full list of approved titles, please see the bottom of this article*
  • That your organization is not fiscally sponsored by another organization

If you already have a Bonfire account that is not linked to your nonprofit, navigate to the Account section in your Dashboard, click the Organization tab, and click the "Add Organization" button.

Verified nonprofit organizations also have the ability to view the Giving Campaigns launched by their supporters to benefit their nonprofit. This gives you the option to send thank you notes and download your supporter list.

Once you have verified your nonprofit organization, you can also connect your organization’s Classy and Bonfire accounts to help promote your organization, and specify where the fundraising efforts will go within your organization.

To find more information about Bonfire’s nonprofit feature or if you need help along the way, send us a message on our contact page. We're happy to help!

* Acceptable roles for approval (name variations are okay): Founder/Co-Founder, President, CEO/CFO, Vice President, Executive Director, Board Member, Treasurer, Fundraising Coordinator/Chair, Director of Development, Director of Operations, Community Development Manager, Admin Director, Principle Officer, Manager of Philanthropy, Controller, Managing Director, Financial Director, Foundation Manager"

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