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What to expect when working with Bonfire as a Chapter of a Nonprofit Organization

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Verified chapters of nonprofits have access to the same privileges available to Nonprofit Organizations.

To learn more about those privileges, check out Nonprofit Campaigns on Bonfire.

Table of contents

Connecting your Bonfire account to a Chapter

To connect your account to a chapter, you must first search for the national organization, using their EIN or name. From there the option to “Choose a Chapter” will appear.

If a chapter already exists, you’ll be asked to submit the necessary information to be verified. To learn more about required documentation, refer to Nonprofit Verification.

If the chapter does not yet exist in our system, you can create it by entering a name and mailing address before proceeding with the request process. Simply click “Add a New Chapter”.

Each chapter must have a unique name and mailing address.

Already have a Bonfire account?

From your Dashboard, navigate to the “Account” tab, choose “Organization” and follow the instructions that appear.

Giving Campaigns

Once a chapter has been created, it will show up as an option for all sellers to donate their proceeds to.

Giving Campaign organizers will search for the parent organization first. If chapters exist, the user will decide whether to send proceeds to the parent organization or choose a chapter.

If a chapter is selected, payouts will go to the Chapter organization instead of the National organization.

Profile page

Each chapter gets its own profile page similar to the National Organization’s page. While logged into the associated Bonfire account, you can customize the profile page by clicking “Edit” on the Chapter’s profile page.

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