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If you plan on using Instagram to promote your Campaign, this article will answer a few questions to help you get started. 

How to add a clickable link to my Campaign on Instagram?

Simply paste the Campaign link into the ‘website’ section of your profile. At this time Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links to be pasted in the description of a post.

*If you have the shop feature, you can tag a product the same way you’d tag a person. This will link directly to your campaign. If you’re curious about the feature - learn more on About Instagram Shopping.

How can I get a photo of my product so that I can post it on instagram?

Here are a few ways:

  1. You can order a sample of your product through Supply so that you can have a physical product to take photos of. To learn how to do this, see Order a Sample.

*For tips on how to take a great photo of your product see DIY Merch Photography Tips to Enhance Your Campaign.

2. Take a screenshot of the example product on your Campaign page and use that screenshot to create a post or story.

How do I promote my Campaign?

 To learn more about promoting your Campaign see How to Promote Your T-Shirt Campaign with Instagram Stories.

If you have any other questions about how Bonfire and Instagram can work together, reach out on our Contact Page

Don’t forget to tag us in your posts @bonfire and use our hashtag #wearbonfire for the chance to get featured.

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