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Campaign Integration

Can you embed a Campaign onto your website?

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Sharing your Campaign through your website is a great way to increase sales and promote traffic for your organization/business. Currently, Bonfire campaigns are unable to be embedded on a third-party website. Considering that, we’ve created a guide to seamlessly integrate the link to your Campaign on your website.

On Your Website

Create a Merch/Store page. The header navigation bar is a great place to add your Bonfire Store link. This will create a seamless experience for your buyers.

On Bonfire

Create a Store that has the same look and feel as your website by customizing the header, sidebar, etc.

You can begin creating your Store through the “Store” tab in your Dashboard. For step-by-step instructions, check out Set up & Customize Your Store.

Also, check out our Design Your Store article for a guide on creating the perfect Store.

For any further questions, reach out on our contact page. We’ll be very happy to help.

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