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Frequently asked questions regarding Bonfire’s extensive Product Catalog

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Why are certain sizes unavailable?

When sizes aren't available at checkout, it means we're unable to source them because their stock is low or non-existent.

If a color/style is missing from your campaign, you may want to offer an alternative. This article goes in depth on how to change which styles and colors are offered on your campaign.

Why can’t I offer certain items on the same campaign?

This comes down to how an item is printed. Only similarly printed styles can be on the same campaign.

To learn more about how shirts are printed, check out this blog post. To learn more about Product Groups, check out this article.

Do you offer 3XL and 4XL?

Yes! We offer sizes XS-4XL.

Feel free to reach out directly with additional questions via our contact page, we’re happy to help!

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