Edit Products

You can add or remove product types and colors on an active Campaign directly from your Bonfire Account Dashboard. Navigate to the Campaign section of your Dashboard, select the Campaign you would like to modify and click ‘Edit.’

You will be routed to the Campaign setup. From here, select whether you’d like to edit ‘This batch’ or ‘Future batches.’ Then, simply choose the products you want to add or remove! You can offer up to 9 different product styles and 5 colors of each style.

Press ‘Save and Continue’ to keep those changes.

*Keep in mind that if you change your current batch, future batches will not inherit the changes. You will need to select the ‘Future batches’ tab to make modifications.

Edit Selling Prices

You also have the option to edit the prices of all of your products in the Profits section of the Campaign setup.

The price must be set above the base cost and any products that have already been purchased cannot be changed until the next batch. By selecting our recommended prices, your Campaign is eligible for no print minimums; each shirt that you sell is guaranteed to print!

Change a Sales Goal

You can set or change your Sales Goal on an active fundraising Campaign in the Settings section of the Campaign set up. Simply enter the number of items you wish to sell and encourage your community to support.

*Note that a sales goal is only available for fundraising Campaigns. Campaigns cannot switch between fundraising or selling after the Campaign has launched.

Unfortunately, you are not able to make fundamental design changes to a Campaign in the middle of a batch. For larger changes before your first sale, consider reverting your Campaign back to a draft.

For any further questions or to request a fundamental change to a Campaign, reach out to our Customer Success Team on our contact page. We’ll be very happy to help.

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