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Learn About Giving Campaigns Fundraising for Your Organization
Learn About Giving Campaigns Fundraising for Your Organization

As an organization, you have the ability to grow your community by learning about the Campaigns fundraising on your behalf.

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View Campaigns Fundraising for your Organization

Navigate to the Campaign tab in your account dashboard. Here you will see two sections: My Campaigns and Giving Campaigns.

‘My Campaigns’ are the launched and draft Campaigns created by your organization.

‘Giving Campaigns’ are the Campaigns launched by your supporters that are directly connected to your organization. The view can be filtered by their status, who they were started by, Classy teams, and/or other Bonfire sellers outside of your organization.

When you select any of your giving Campaigns, you’ll be able to see more details and features designed to grow your community, including:

A Supporter List

To facilitate donor lists, databases, and comply with federal tax obligations, you are able to obtain downloadable supporter lists. As a verified non profit organization the list will include first and last name, email address, phone number, and purchase/donation amount.

Total Proceeds, Donation, and Items Sold

You are able to see the success of a Giving Campaign per batch, gaining insight into what different community members look for in a Campaign.

Modify your Organization’s Profile Page

By default, Campaigns that are raising funds to go directly to your organization will be shown in your organization profile. If you’d like to remove a Campaign from your profile, you can do so by selecting the ‘Hide from profile’ button.

Send a Thank You Note to the Seller

As an organization receiving funds from various Campaigns, we encourage sending a thank you message to Giving Campaign sellers! Simply select ‘Send a thank you note’, add your personalized message, and our team will deliver the message directly to the seller’s email.

Please reach out to us directly with any additional questions on our contact page. We’re more than happy to help.

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