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What are order referrals and how do they work?

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Order referrals allow your buyers to designate their orders to a specific team, person, social platform, etc.

How to turn Order Referrals On

From Step 3 of the Design Tool, toggle “Enable order referrals” on*.

Once toggled ON, you can add, delete and edit the team names which buyers can choose from during checkout.

  • You must add at least one name to turn on order referrals.

How Do Order Referrals Look to buyers?

Buyers will indicate who referred them to your campaign during the checkout process.

What will referrals look like in your Dashboard?

You can see breakdowns of how much each team/team member raised in your campaign’s specific Dashboard.

  • A campaign’s dashboard can be reached by clicking on the name of the campaign in the Dashboard Overview.

Verified Nonprofits can download Customizable Supporter Lists broken down by Referrer.

Feel free to reach out directly with additional questions via our contact page. We’re happy to help!

*Campaigns connected to a fundraising event/team through a nonprofit-based integration like Classy or Teamraiser cannot have order referrals turned on.

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