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Add a Store to Linktree
Add a Store to Linktree

Show a dynamic preview of your store on Linktree

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You can make your Bonfire store stand out in your Linktree. Instead of linking to your Bonfire store, you can display up to 6 campaigns from your store on Linktree. This allows buyers to easily preview products before going to Bonfire to complete their purchase.

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Add a store to Linktree

From Bonfire under Integrations

Make sure you’re logged into your Linktree account.

Then, go to your Bonfire dashboard.

In the left side navigation, go to “Integrations”.

Go to “Linktree” then “Manage”.

In the “Add a store” tab, your store should be selected by default if you only have one store.

  • If you have no store, you’ll only see the “Link to a campaign” tab. You can create a store under the “My Store” section in your Bonfire dashboard.

  • If you have more than one store, select the store you’d like to share with Linktree.

Once you have selected the store, click “Add to Linktree”. This will copy your store link and redirect you to your Linktree account.

Toggle your store link “On” to display it in your Linktree page. Make sure to select “Display a preview of my Bonfire store” under “Link Behavior”.

Once your store is displayed in your Linktree account, your store link will expand on-click and display products from your store.

Manage your store’s campaigns that display in Linktree

Your campaigns listed in your Linktree mimic the order you have in your store. It will display the top 6 campaigns. If you want to change the order of your campaigns, you can reorder campaigns. Learn more at Set up & Customize Your Store > Reordering Campaigns.


What’s the difference between sharing my store and adding my store through Integrations?

If you share your store from your store page, it will only display as a link on your Linktree page. If you go to Integrations > Linktree and “Manage” to add your store to your Linktree account, your Linktree link will expand to display your store products.

How many campaigns from my store can I display?

You can display up to 6 campaigns from your store.

What happens if I have more than 6 campaigns?

You can reorder your store so that the top 6 campaigns display in your Linktree app. Learn more with Manage your store ‘s campaigns that display on Linktree.

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