Getting Started

Stores are automatically unlocked for anyone on Bonfire who has sold 50 or more shirts in Campaigns. However, you can contact us to have Stores turned on if needed.

Once the feature is enabled, open the “Store” tab in your Dashboard.

From there, click the “Create my Store” button to view your fully customizable Store. Begin by clicking the green plus sign to select which Campaigns you would like to add.

You are able to add any Campaigns to your Store, so long as they aren’t drafts. This includes any previously launched Campaigns—unsuccessful, active, or inactive. While we recommend turning Smart Launch on for any Campaigns in your Store, it isn’t required.

If you are not seeing a Campaign in the list to choose from, it has not been launched. Head to your Dashboard to launch a drafted Campaign so it can be included in your Store.

Expanding, Minimizing, and Removing Campaigns

By default, when you add a Campaign to your Store all of the product styles within that Campaign will be visible. This is called the “expanded view.” 

When you hover over the top right of the expanded Campaign area, icons will pop up allowing you to minimize or remove that Campaign. To collapse a Campaign so only the featured product is displayed, click the minimize icon.

In the minimized view, text will be placed below the product advising customers how many other styles are available.

Changing the Featured Product Image

To change a Campaign’s featured image in your Store, open the Campaign page and click the “Edit Campaign” button in the top right. (Hint: you will only see this button if you’re logged in.)

Once in edit mode, you can choose the product style, color, and front- or back-orientation you would like to feature. Hitting save and publish will update what’s shown in your Store.

At this time, you are only able to customize the preview image for the first product in the expanded view.

Reordering Campaigns

Once your Store contains two or more Campaigns, you can reorder them to your liking. Simply hover over the top right of a Campaign and the reorder icon will appear.

Take it to the Next Level

Now that you understand how to set up your Store, it's time to learn how to use Stores most effectively.

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