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TeamRaiser (Blackbaud) Integration
TeamRaiser (Blackbaud) Integration

Connect your TeamRaiser account to Bonfire

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When you integrate your TeamRaiser account with Bonfire, you can connect events (TeamRaiser campaigns) for users to select when creating new campaigns on Bonfire.

Supporter information is then automatically sent to your TeamRaiser account, keeping all your data in one place.

Campaign proceeds can also be attributed to specific teams or individuals.

Before you begin

To connect your TeamRaiser account with Bonfire, you will need account access to both your organization’s TeamRaiser account and your organization account on Bonfire.

Connecting your TeamRaiser account

To start the integration setup, log in to your Bonfire account and navigate to the Integrations page in your dashboard.

Note: If you cannot see this page, then you’ll need to get in touch with us so that we can enable it for you.

Click the Connect button next to TeamRaiser. This will start the integration setup flow.

Whitelist Bonfire’s IP addresses

The first step of the integration is to whitelist Bonfire’s IP addresses on TeamRaiser.

  1. Go to SetupSite Options

  2. Select the Open API Configuration tab

  3. Select Edit server API configuration

  4. Add the following IP addresses to your white list:



Once you’ve done this, you can continue onto the next step in the integration setup on Bonfire.

Enter your API key

Next up, you’ll need to enter your Luminate Online API key.

In TeamRaiser, go to SetupSite OptionsOpen API Configuration and click Edit API Keys.

Copy your Luminate Online API key.

Enter this number in the integration setup on Bonfire.

Share your TeamRaiser URL

When viewing the TeamRaiser dashboard, check your browser bar for your URL. We just need the first part of the URL, so in the following example, you would input:

Note: You can only connect a TeamRaiser account with a single Bonfire account. If you are a chapter organization, you will need your own chapter TeamRaiser account if you want to use it with Bonfire.

Create and share an administrative constituent

We need the details of an administrative constituent that has been added to the API Administrator group. You can either use an existing admin constituent or create a new one.

Important: We strongly recommend creating a dedicated, non-personal, constituent for the Bonfire integration. Using a personal account will cause issues with logging into your account, and could break the integration connection in the future.

Consider giving the constituent a First Name and Last Name along the lines of “Bonfire Integration”.

How to create a new administrative constituent:

  1. Go to Constituent360 → Constituents.

  2. Select Add Administrator.

  3. Fill out the required fields and click Save.
    ‍(Remember the username and password as you'll need to enter these on Bonfire).

How to add a constituent to the API Administrator group

  1. With the constituent open, select the Groups tab.

  2. Click “Edit Group Membership”.

  3. Select API Administrator under Group Type and then again under API Administrators.

Now finish the setup by entering the username and password for the administrative constituent into the integration setup.

Congratulations! You should now be connected and able to start selecting your events from TeamRaiser.

Next steps

Now that you’ve successfully connected your TeamRaiser account with Bonfire, you can connect and manage events created on TeamRaiser.

With events connected, you and your supporters can create campaigns, choose to send the proceeds directly to the event on TeamRaiser, and even select a team or individual as the beneficiary.

Bonfire will automatically forward data to TeamRaiser once connected, however, you can choose to manually sync the data and also have the data forwarded to third-party software such as Salesforce. These options can be found within the integration settings.

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