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Send Payouts Directly to a Beneficiary
Send Payouts Directly to a Beneficiary

Send all profits and donations directly to the individual, organization or cause listed as your beneficiary.

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Benefiting a verified nonprofit

If you’re looking to fundraise for an organization but you’re unsure of how to make sure the proceeds are distributed properly, you can set up a Giving campaign. The payout will be sent directly to the organization.

How to create a Giving campaign

  1. Select "Fundraise" on the third step of the campaign setup

  2. Select that you want your payout to be sent directly to the organization

  3. Search for the organization by name or EIN in the search bar that appears

  4. From the results, select the organization you wish to connect with and then click Connect

Your campaign is now connected to the organization and payouts will be sent directly to them. Giving campaigns will also receive other perks, such as reduced donation fees.

For some organizations, you can further connect your campaign to an event, and even a team or fundraising individual.

The payout will be sent and managed by Bonfire. The amount raised can be found on the organization’s profile page. To view the status of your Giving campaign’s payouts for an organization, navigate to the Payouts tab in your dashboard and select “For an Organization”.

Bonfire also offers payouts via mailed checks to verified nonprofits. To arrange a mailed check payout, send us a message from our contact page.

Benefiting other organizations or individuals

For all other types of beneficiaries, the best way to send a payout is by simply supplying the PayPal account email address associated with the organization receiving the funds. If you are unable to procure that information, you can still create a fundraising campaign on their behalf and take action by donating the funds yourself. Bonfire will send you the profits raised from your campaign and you will be responsible for connecting with the organization (or individual) to provide any profits raised.

Bonfire is required to file a 1099 form with the IRS for all the profits raised and paid to beneficiaries who made at least $600 during the calendar year. If you opt to make that donation to the organization yourself, we strongly suggest you request a donor receipt from the organization for tax purposes.

You can request your payout by going to the Payouts tab in your dashboard. Requested payouts are sent after a successful batch has ended. It can take 1-2 business days to process in PayPal. Learn more about how payouts work here.

If you have any questions about payouts, please reach out to our team through our contact page. We’re happy to help!

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