Bonfire sends payouts via PayPal. We’ll send you a payout of 100% of the profits after each batch ends. If you have Additional Contributions enabled, we’ll also include donations or tips you received.

You can view and request payouts in your Account Dashboard. Navigate to the payouts section and select the “Available” tab. Payouts can usually be requested on the first business day after a successful batch ends. After requesting your payout, you will receive PayPal payment within 8 business days.

Are There Payout Fees?

Bonfire covers all the fees associated with your payouts. The only fee Bonfire will ever collect is an 8% processing fee on additional contributions. See Pricing and Fees for more information.

The payout amount displayed in your Dashboard on Bonfire will always equal the amount that shows up in your PayPal account.

*Note that if there are multiple payouts available PayPal will combine them in the requested payout.

If you would like to change the PayPal account on file, or have any other questions, reach out on our contact page. We're always happy to help. 

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