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Purchase custom designed apparel in unlimited quantities and have it sent directly to your door.
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Put simply, Bonfire Supply allows you to purchase custom apparel directly at base cost. Shipping is free after 5 products, and you can take advantage of bulk discounts. You will receive the same high quality products and customer service Bonfire is known for.

Ordering through Supply is similar to setting up a Campaign.

  1. You create or upload a design, select apparel styles, choose shirt quantities and sizes, and place your order.

  2. We begin production right away.

  3. Your order arrives 7-14 business days from the date of purchase.

  4. From there, you have complete control of your inventory. Keep, resell, or distribute it to your liking.

Note that we’re not able to ship Supply orders internationally at this time.

Some orders may be affected by COVID-19 shortages and delays. View our latest updates.

Bulk Ordering

This graph shows the average breakdown of shirt sizes ordered over the course of all Bonfire Campaigns. You can use this as your guide if you are ordering t-shirts to resell in a store or marketplace.

If you’ve sold a large number of shirts with Bonfire before, or have ordered shirts in bulk previously, we suggest looking at the past data in your account dashboard.

Learn how to place a Supply order directly from your Campaign. You can learn more about the process of ordering through Supply here. If you have more questions, send us a message on our contact page.

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