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Why is My Nonprofit Getting Emails From Bonfire?
Why is My Nonprofit Getting Emails From Bonfire?

Learn about how Bonfire helps to deliver additional funds to your Nonprofit

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Bonfire is a design and technology company specializing in custom apparel. We help people sell shirts online, fundraise for a good cause, or simply order custom-printed products directly.

You are receiving an email because someone has launched a Giving Campaign to benefit your Nonprofit!

How do I get the Payout?

The Campaign(s) have ended successfully, and now your organization has a payout from Bonfire waiting to be collected.

To collect your payout, sign up, and navigate to your Dashboard to request your payout to be sent. Bonfire sends payouts via PayPal. We’ll send you a payout of 100% of the proceeds after each batch ends.

If the Campaign has Additional Contributions enabled, we’ll also include donations you received.

Navigate to the How Payouts Work section of the Help Center for further information.

My Nonprofit already has a Campaign, what do I need to do?

There is no additional work needed to receive the proceeds from Giving Campaigns that are fundraising on your behalf.

In addition to your own Campaign's payout, you will now receive direct payouts from users connected to your organization.

If your Nonprofit is already verified with Bonfire and you’d like to increase your fundraising efforts, check out our article on connecting your organization’s Classy and Bonfire accounts.

What if I don’t want our Nonprofit to be connected to this Campaign?

If you would prefer to only receive funds from Campaigns created by your organization, simply reply to the email sent to you saying that you do not want to be associated with the Campaign and our team will delete the associated Campaign.

If you have any other questions about this new feature, want to create a Campaign for your Nonprofit, or anything else, reach out to us on our contact page. We’re happy to help!

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