Discounts or coupons you can offer to your buyers.

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Promotions are customizable discounts/coupon codes that you can create for your buyers. They can be a great way to garner support for your Campaign!

You can create and manage your Promotions from the Promotions Dashboard. If you choose to create a Promotion, the discounts are deducted from the profits of the Campaign it is applied to.

How to Create a Promotion

From the Promotions Dashboard click “Create a Promotion”. From there you can customize the following details:

  • the code your buyer inputs at checkout

  • the percentage off the total of the order

    • Only Campaigns that have high enough profit margins will be able to have promotions apply to them. Learn more about profit margins here.

  • the expiration date*

  • the amount of times a Promotion can be used*

*These settings can also be unlimited/indefinite

How to Edit a Promotion

Promotions can be edited and/or deleted from the Promotion Dashboard. Simply click the gear icon followed by “Edit Promotion”.

If a Promotion is deleted mid-batch and has already been used, those uses will still apply .

Feel free to reach out directly with additional questions via our linked contact page. We’re happy to help!

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