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Customize your Peer-to-Peer Event Page
Customize your Peer-to-Peer Event Page

Spark Interest for your Peer-to-Peer event by customizing your event page.

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Peer-to-Peer fundraising is a way to connect with your community and raise money for your events with custom shirts. Any Verified Nonprofit* running a Peer-to-Peer event will have access to a customizable page to share with supporters.

If you’re interested in creating a Peer-to-Peer event, you can learn more and request to speak with a Bonfire representative here.

Once you’ve worked with a Bonfire representative to create your event, you can customize the event page from your Dashboard.

How to Edit your Event Page

From the Organization dropdown menu in your Dashboard click “Events”. This will bring you to your Events tab where you can view all Peer-to-Peer events at once.

There you can edit the page by clicking the small gear to the right of your event name and then choosing “Edit Page”.

Event Name/Dates

You can edit the dates for both when supporters can create campaigns and when all campaigns must end. This can be done by clicking “Event Settings” in the left hand corner. You can change the Event Name as well as the unique URL.

Edit Event Page Theme

Clicking “Edit Theme” brings up a sidebar where you can customize the colors used on the page and choose a new header.

We provide several great options for headers, however you can upload your own image by clicking “Custom”.

For best quality, we recommend any custom header be 2699px by 600px.


There are several text boxes that you can customize. A text box that can be edited will have a pencil icon and the character limit in the bottom right corner.

To edit, simply click inside the text box and begin typing.

On the default load screen, you can add a short introduction to your event. While on “About this Event”, you can provide a more in-depth explanation of the event and your organization.

Add photos and videos

In addition to the header image, you can add photos and videos in the “About this event” tab by clicking on our design buttons.

Showcase “official merchandise”

You can add campaigns made by your organization to the event page by clicking “Add Official Merchandise”. Use the pop-up window to choose which campaigns you’d like to display. Don’t forget to hit “Confirm”.

Hide Features

You can hide certain features on your Event Page. In the edit phase, simply hover over the feature you would like to hide. If an eye with a slash through it appears, you can remove it.

Some of the features you can hide are amount sold, amount of supporters, the leaderboard, and other resources provided.

Please, reach out directly with additional questions via our linked contact page. We’re happy to help!

*Check out How to Claim Your Nonprofit's Profile Page to learn more about being verified.

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